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I keep forgetting about this account. :iconzexy-n-me: is my primary account and I would like to make that account the founder. Does anyone know how I can do that? Because that's the only way that I can keep this group running and I don't want to leave you all hanging. I love you all :heart:
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Group Guidelines!

I just thought that I would list a few rules for this group. It's nothing that big, and it's not a big deal if you don't follow them perfectly, so I suppose they're more like guidelines. Here goes:

:star:Group Guidelines:star:
:bulletred: Always comment! This is the biggest rule of this group, if you click on any submission on this site, please leave a comment. Remember that every comment you give puts a smile on someone's face!

:bulletorange: When commenting, the best way that I have found (you don't have to do it this way if you have a style that works better for you) is sandwich style. Say what you like, a way that the artist/author can do better, and then end on a positive note.

:bulletyellow: Any submissions here must be serious. We do not except parodies or work that you didn't put any thought into. This group is to improve, and to help others improve. We can't do that if what you submit to this group is a joke.

:bulletgreen: ADVERTISE!!!

:bulletblue: Remember that we except any form of art! Photography, writing, drawing, painting, anything! Don't be afraid to submit something that you are not totally confident in.

:bulletpurple: If you want to upload something into the favorites section, go ahead!

:bulletpink: Last but not least, have fun!

:star:Dos and Don'ts:star:

:bulletred: Do NOT post any art work that is not your own. This includes drawings that you did that were colored by someone else, drawings that someone else did that were colored by you, and especially drawings that you did not do, even if they are your characters.

:bulletorange: DO post work that you want comments on MOST. Such as work that you are having trouble with, or that you are extremely proud of.

:bulletyellow: Do NOT post simple story outlines. (i.e. character lists, ideas, etc.)
We do, however, encourage complex outlines
These will include all/most of the following:
-A full description of all main characters, including appearance, attitude, and role. (This will help you to avoid cliche characterization, and will help make your characters more well-rounded)
-A thorough timeline of all known events that will take place (this is so that we can help you with any plot holes and the like)
-A few paragraphs from the introduction. (This will help to set your story up for success. Not a required aspect of an outline, but highly recommended)
-And anything else that you find helpful in the outlining of your story.

:bulletgreen: DO post work that you will be turning in soon for school, or that you have already turned in. We highly encourage school essays or art projects because we can comment and help you get better grades, and getting good grades is a good thing, right? Yup.

:bulletblue: Do NOT post work that you do not take seriously. If it is something that you don't really care about, such as a quick doodle that you just want people to comment with "aww, cute!" then we do not want that. We want you to post work that you would like critiques on, that you submitted to improve your writing/drawing/animation/etc. skills.

:bulletpurple: DO comment! This is what the group is for! We want to spread the idea that this entire site was, in fact, created so that artists could get feedback on their work. What happened to that? Let's fix it. So comment as often as possible, and remember that every comment you give puts a smile on someone's face!

:bulletpink: Lastly, do NOT post a bajillion things at a time. Such an amount is overwhelming, and often scares away commenters when they see such a large number in their inbox.

If you read these guidelines, then please comment and let me know if there is anything else that is unclear or that I should add. Thank you!!!

I think that's all for now! Thanks for reading.


:star:On another note,:star:

If you submit anything that you would especially like a critique on, I have created a "Critique" folder. I personally am better at critiquing literature, but I will give my best on an art critique as well.

Members will be allowed, and even encouraged, to browse this folder and critique the work there as well!

Note: please only submit art that you want critiques on the MOST to this folder.
Thank you.



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